Festive fun with the Co-operative

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  The radio is now playing Christmas songs, the girls are practising for their nativity and I had a very special invite for Christmas dinner.  I was #Onthelist.  I made the journey over the Pennines in the pouring rain, a journey that should take under an hour took over 3, but it was more than worth it for what was waiting for me.

The Co-operative were hosting there Christmas event and I was incredibly honoured and excited to be #Onthelist.  I was very lucky to be sat with Sim from Sims life, my friend and fellow blogger and she took care of me through the night.  I was in great company with many of my other friends also and it felt like our Christmas dinner.

The starter arrived a gorgeous selection of pate and prawn cocktails, which I was told tasted delicious but could not taste due to bump and a warm bowl of broccoli and Stilton soup.  The soup smelled fantastic and after the cold drive over I have to admit to eating it before taking a photo.  I can say that it was the perfect winter warmer and truly delicious.  A great blend of flavours without either over powering the other, just the right combination.

Whilst waiting for the main course the conversation flowed and everyone had a really good time, just how a blogging family Christmas should be.

It was then time for a perfect main course.  Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, gorgeous crispy potatoes, succulent meat and salmon cooked to perfection.  

Christmas would not be complete without party food.  Oriental selections mixed with traditional party foods.  Sausage roll pin-wheels and our tables favourite British sticky sausages with a popping crackling.

There was only one course remaining, desert.  My favourite course!

We were spoilt for choice, a truly irresistible Sicilian lemon and passion fruit mousse, millionaire shortcake and chocolate cake

And of course the traditional Christmas pudding

My absolute favourite was the millionaire dessert

After dinner it was time to mingle and chat.  It was lovely to catch up with Sian from Helpful Mum as it has been a while since we last met.  We watched impressed as we were shown how to make cake in a mug, something I shall be trying.  The evening flew by and I could not quite believe it was time to go home, not without my very own cupcake!

Thank you to the Co-operative for inviting me and adding me to #Onthelist I had a wonderful evening with amazing company and fantastic festive food!

This day I love festive fun with the Co-operative. 

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