The bedroom is finally finished!

I cannot tell you how happy I am at the minute.  It feels like our bedroom makeover has gone on for most of the year, and I guess in many ways it has,  At the start of the year we began the design process. Initially wanting a walk in wardrobe and then opting instead for full length wardrobes.  We are so happy with this design choice as it gave us much more space.  I wrote a post in October which walks you through the room and you can read it here. 

For the past few months we have been waiting on paint delivery and decorator availability but finally this week they all came together.  We purchased the paint used, except the paint for the wood work and used Wall paper which was left from an earlier project [a post to follow shortly].  I had intended the wallpaper to be used this way and we had just enough with no rolls left over.

One length of the room is the modern black gloss wardrobes.  These in themselves are very powerful in the room and draw your attention towards them.  However my husband and I felt that the opposite wall needed an extra something to compliment the wardrobes and we decided upon a feature wall.  

We created a feature wall using paper from Graham and Brown and the design Spring blossom Mist.  We wanted a design that was not too complicated but yet had a special touch to it.  We also like paper that changes.  By this I mean that it looks different dependant upon the light and where are you stood when you look at it.

I was looking forward to the challenge of wallpapering however the bump prevented me doing so and so we used a decorator.  He did comment on the quality of the paper and estimated that it would be around £30 a roll, actually it is £12.  The quality of the paper is stunning and the metallic patterns add a real touch of luxury.  I love how the wallpaper works with the wardrobe and the blind without over complicating the room.  The oak of the furniture really brings out the metallic sections within the paper.

We have kept the ceiling and coving white and chosen Silver Feather from Johnstones for the remaining two walls.  Silver feather in daylight looks almost white but at night has a darker silver colour to it.  The walls join the wardrobes so the colour needed to be light to offset the black of the wardrobe doors.  Too dark and the room would have felt very enclosed.  Instead of painting the wood work white we opted for Mesmerise from Johnstones paints.  A bright white would have been too contrasting against the grey and silver tones in the room and we have found with two small children in the house show up the dirt far too quickly.

The whole bedroom has a real luxury feel to it, but we managed to achieve this using products without the luxury price tag.  Silver, black and grey runs through the room as the theme and all the furniture is oak,  The colour of the oak compliments the colour scheme and adds warmth into the room.  You can see my design inspirations here 

The room has been totally transformed and I love how the room feels different in day light than at night time.  

With special thanks to:

Graham and Brown - for providing the wallpaper Spring Blossom Mist
Johnstones Paint - Mesmerise Wood paint and Silver Feather Matt wall paint
JYSK - Silkeborg Super king-size bed, bedside tables and chest drawers
Kilner Joinery - Wardrobes
Web blinds - Roman blinds
Lighting Majestic - table lights

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