Review : Balancing moon

My youngest has a current obsession with building towers and balancing things.  She will build towers out of anything, tins, wooden bricks, books, it really does not matter she seems to love the challenge.  I came across the wooden moon balancing game on Wood and Wonder and knew it was meant for my youngest.

There is something special about wooden toys.  I personally love they way they seem to last the test of time, and with a baby on the way I would love to be able to pass down toys.  The colours on the wooden moon are bright fun colours and really capture the imagination.  The wooden moon is made from sustainably sourced timber and natural materials which contain less, if any, toxins than plastic, and thus are much safer for your child.

The game can be played by yourself or as a group, which makes it perfect for my youngest when she wants to play on her own and also great for me to play with her when she wants company.  The pegs are all a great size and easy to hold for even a pre schooler.

The idea for the game is simple, balance the pegs on the moon.  The pegs however are different sizes and the moon rocks back and forth.  The order the pegs are placed is determined by the colour on the dice.  This means sometimes smaller pieces are under larger pieces making the game more difficult.

Wooden balancing moon helps children identify colours and helps with hand eye co ordination and problem solving.  They need to think about where to put the pegs and how to place them in order to make the moon balance.  This is a wonderful game to play and as my youngest also discovered you can build towers out of the pegs!  At £7.95 from wood and wonder this is a real bargain and a great gift

If you would like to play the balancing moon game I have one to giveaway.  Simply follow the instructions on the widget, which contains the full terms and conditions.  Giveaway ends 28th December 2015 at Midnight GMT

Wooden balancing Moon game

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