Little Mary

Today was my eldest daughter nativity and she was playing the part of Mary.  She woke up this morning very excited and eager to get to school, but when it came to eating the chocolate from her advent calendar she said she felt ill.  I think the nerves were slowly getting to her.  The walk to school was mixed, she bounced between nervous and fine.  I guess she just was not sure what to expect.

After lunch my youngest, my Mum and I walked to school to watch her performance.  We had gotten there early and had got front row seats.  My eldest looked a little nervous but happy at the same time.  I was already really proud of her.

The whole Infant school did everyone proud.  All the children were singing, doing the actions and knew exactly what to do.  All the teachers should be incredibly proud of them as it is evident their hard work paid off.  It was really wonderful to see all the children, not only my daughter, feel so incredibly happy and confident with their performance.

This day I love Little Mary

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