Oh yes it is!

My favourite part of the festive season is the Pantomime.  I love the whole comedy aspect and how involved my girls get with the performance.  I was really delighted when Cast Doncaster invited us to see Sleeping Beauty. 

I told the girls we were off to see Sleeping beauty and they were very excited.  The story told by Cast was based on the traditional tale, but with some adaptations.  This made the story work a lot better for the stage, in my personal opinion.  I also loved the references to Star wars and would love one of those Millennium Falcon dresses. 

There was a slight mishap in the performance where the set was not cleared in time, but actually this added to the performance.  It showed how talented the actors were and also how much fun they could have acting with each other.  It turned out to be the part of the show that my daughters laugh about the most, tree in and tree out.  

We were sat high in the circle but could still see the stage, however for next year we will be booking tickets earlier as there was much more audience participation closer to the stage and I felt the girls missed out a little.

Overall though the girls and I loved the performance.  It can only be described as a pure traditional pantomime full of everything you would expect and more.  

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