The most wonderful time of the year

Early this year I had a very exciting email land in my inbox, an invite to a festive mid week break at Bluestone Wales.  To say I was excited would be an understatement, a chance to go to Bluestone at Christmas was an opportunity I could not tun down.  The girls have been desperate to go to the Wales holiday again and Christmas was sure to be magical.

After a 7 hour journey in the rain we arrived at Bluestone.  Our lodge was of a different style to the previous visit  and was spread over two floors. 

The bedrooms were clean and modern and the girls wasted no time in choosing their room.  Grandma settled them into bed with a bed time story

Thing 3 and I were a little tired after the drive and we made the most of our modern double bedroom and went straight to bed.

The next morning it became clear the main advantage of having a lodge with the living area upstairs.  The views over Bluestone were fantastic, even if the weather was miserable.

The weather has never stopped us before, and we fully believe in free range fun regardless of the weather.  We got ourselves kitted up and headed to Blue lagoon.  

As with our last visit the girls would have quite happily spent all day in the swimming pool.  The water is like stepping into a nice bath, and even when you step out you feel warm.  The changing areas were kept clean and tidy and we saw several members of staff cleaning as we were there.  The pool was busier than last time but we still felt able to relax and have fun.

After swimming it was time for a hot drink before our festive fun began.  The girls remembered the village tea shop and were really surprised to see that Babycinos were now on the menu.  

This was the first in a new discovery at Bluestone since our last visit.  Our festive fun was to begin with the Bluestone Pantomime, Cinderella.  

The Pantomime took place in the Village Hall.  This was a new building to us and situated behind the spa.  The Oak beams and white walls gave it a real modern feel and was just the right size for the pantomime.  We took our seats and waited for the show to start.  

The girls were enthralled.  Cheering and booing and joining in with the chants.  A real proper pantomime, just as I remembered from my childhood.  It was full of laughs and traditional style jokes, just what was needed for a pantomime.  My Mum and I absolutely loved the ugly sisters, two very talented actors and I would highly recommend seeing the production just for them.  Although if you ask the girls they really loved Cinderella and Buttons.

Thing 3 was craving a pizza after the Pantomime but unfortunately the pizza takeaway was no longer available.  We decided therefore to visit The Oak Tree, which was our favourite from the previous visit.  Luckily for Thing 3 they did Pizza and even had a lemon desert which catered for another of Thing 3 cravings.  

The girls felt very festive sitting by the beautiful tree in the restaurant and it was certainly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

On our previous stay we had a beautiful walk in wet room and in this lodge we had both a shower and a bath.  The girls could not wait to get into the bath and have a good splash around.  The bathroom was clean and modern and had plenty of room for the girls.

I turned 28weeks pregnant with Thing 3 and so had to take a bump shot.  I do feel like I have stuffed a bowling ball up my t shirt

Our plan was to return to Camp Smokey for lunch as it was one of our favourite places, however it was closed for the winter.  Instead we headed over to the activity centre for some indoor play and some fun out of the rain.

The girls loved that they were greeted by reindeer and trees, it certainly felt very festive.

The girls did not know but we were actually here for a secret mission.  An elf mission to be precise.  The girls were about to enter the Kingdom of the elves and were given maps outlining their secret mission.  Our elf guide explained what we had to do to graduate as elves and gave each of the girls a uniform, before shrinking us so we could fit through the key hole.

It was time for our mission to begin.  Each room had different tasks that an elf must undertake from ensuring pets stay asleep, to helping children have magical dreams.  The favourite room of all was the chocolate room.  In here the girls had to make the chocolate for the advent calendar.

Whilst the girls ensured the chocolates were up to scratch, Mum and I posed for an Elfie Selfie.

The girls completed all of their missions and graduated from Elf school.  As events go the Elf Academy was by far one of my favourite.  It was pure interactive festive fun and if we could we would have done it again.  All of the Elves were fantastic and interacted with all of the children.  This interaction made it what it was, as it simply flowed and was fun rather than scripted.  Crackers the elf needs a special mention, pure comical genius!

After visiting the Kingdom of the Elves the girls were in a real festive mood.  Neither of them wanted to take off their elf uniforms and both asked to take them to show and tell the following week.  

Perhaps the only way to celebrate becoming Elves is with Peter Pan and Jinglebelle.

Jinglebelle is a fun interactive dinner show which is a very memorable way to spend an evening.  The girls had to help Peter Pan find his shadow, who did keep running away during our Christmas dinner.  There were jokes and activities to do to help Peter Pan and Jinglebelle.  Certainly a fun evening and a perfect way to celebrate their success at elf academy.

Oh and I forgot to add the festive tunes which made it perfect for dancing around the Christmas tree.

Our last full day at Bluestone was fast upon us.  It had been a truly festive week so far and the festive fun continued.  After a morning swimming, as this was the girls request on their final day, we headed for a festive Hot chocolate before our afternoon activities.  

The girls love crafting and making things at home and with all the excitement of Christmas we thought it would be great to have an hour crafting with the Bluestone team.  It gave the girls chance to refresh after a busy few days and they actually got really creative.  We made Christmas cards, present boxes, baubles for the tree and character spoons.  Rather productive for an hour crafting!

They were both starting to get very excited and also seemed to have picked up the Bluestone Christmas song which they have been singing non stop on repeat.  

I had lined up a special treat for the girls after crafting.  They were headed to the spa for an hour with Grandma to have their nails and hair done, whilst I went for a relaxing pregnancy massage.

Thing 3 seemed very happy with the massage.  I met the girls downstairs afterwards, we finished almost at the same time, and they had lovely sparkly nails and feathers in their hair.  Both ready for the Festive season, pampered and relaxed.

There was only one way to end our day and that was of course with a Christmas dinner

After dinner we were all transformed back into elves, which lead the girls to wonder what was happening next.

For our final evening the girls got to meet Father Christmas himself.  They even got to listen as he told them a wonderful Christmas story featuring Ruddie the reindeer.  

Our time at Bluestone was almost to an end.  The girls spotted the cast of Cinderella and my Mum attempted to take a photo of us all together.

After which it was time to say goodbye, but not without watching the spectacular festive light show in the village.  

Our time spent at Bluestone Wales really got us all into the festive spirit and was the perfect way to start the holiday season.  I can only imagine how amazing Bluestone is over Christmas.

Thank you Bluestone for inviting us to stay.  Our accommodation was provided free of charge but we paid for all activities. 

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