Our Christmas 2015

I have taken a few days away from the blog to spend time with family over Christmas.  It has been a busy but brilliant few days of family fun and I think what we all needed.  The girls enjoyed seeing their Auntie and listening to tales with Granddad on Christmas eve.  

On Christmas eve we also read a classic story by Clement C. Moore, the Night before Christmas. Our edition of The Night before Christmas has some wonderful illustrations from breakaway new talent Harriet Muncaster, which really helps to bring the story to life.  The Night before Christmas is a wonderful story to read on Christmas eve and it really helps to get the girls ready for Christmas.

The Night before Christmas

The girls both fell asleep really quickly on Christmas eve but then my eldest woke again at 9pm and was awake until nearly 2am! They were both excited and woke up at 7am wanting to see if Father Christmas had been.

Christmas day was spent with family and watching the girls play with their new toys.  My eldest daughter was so pleased we made her wish come true.  Boxing day was spent as Christmas day round 2 and the girls loved singing Christmas carols and wishing everyone Happy Christmas.  They have both loved Christmas this year and have really had the Christmas spirit.

Here is a quick video of Christmas 2015

I always like to capture Christmas through the eyes of my children and so armed with a camera here is what my girls decided to capture this Christmas.

Christmas 2015 by the girls

I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas

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