Review : Book of Everyone

Last year I reviewed the Book of Everyone and it made the perfect Christmas gift.  The person who received it really loved it and loved the little touches inside that made it special just for them.  The Book of Everyone now has many different options to choose from in addition to the original Book of Everyone.

The Book of Everyone Quickie - Requires no extra personalisation so it is perfect to create if you are in a rush

The Book of Everyone Romantic Edition -   romantic edition comes with lovebirds dedication page, cupid's arrow cover design, special personalisation pages and lovingly-crafted touches throughout.

The Book of Mum - With little touches for Mum

The Book of Dad - With little touches for Dad

The Book of Everyone Milestones Edition - Perfect for those celebrating a special milestone such as 21st birthday

The Book of Everyone for Christmas - This special festive edition comes with a Rodeo Santa dedication page and  festive cover.

All books are available in Digital £7.50, Paperback £19.50, Hardback £29.50 and Deluxe £49.50 and come with free delivery to the UK or USA.

In addition to the wonderful Books, you can also make your own personal snowflakes.  Now I have to admit this gets a little addictive.  You enter the name of the person you are making the snowflake for and it appears instantly, only the addition of a surname, middle name or initials changes the way the snowflake looks.  Using capital letters, spaces or other characters also slightly alters the design.  This means you can create some really interesting snowflake patterns.

Once created you can share via social media or have them made into a poster.  The posters are printed on a stunning 400gsm uncoated Spledorgel card, they are 30cm x 30cm and cost £14.95.  You can even choose the colour of the snowflake from a selection, making it truly personal.  When you do buy a poster a percentage of the sale also goes to Polar bear international who are helping to conserve Polar bears and their habitat.

I have to admit to spending rather a lot of time playing with the snowflakes, I love the different patterns they make and think the posters are such a wonderful unique gift.  Why not share your snowflake designs with me on twitter and Instagram?

Thanks to the Book of everyone for providing a code for me to make a hardback book in exchange for this post. 

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