Planning for the summer and a garden party

It maybe cold outside and forecast to snow over the weekend, but we can still dream of the summer. Garden parties the perfect opportunity to socialise with your loved ones in the summer sunshine. It may only be January but nothing is stopping you from getting started on planning a garden party to remember. Whether it’s for your kids birthday party or just a family get together.

Choose a theme

A theme will set the tone for your party and can add a sense of fun to the event. The theme could be inspired by a colour, a country, a film or period. It can also be as subtle or as over the top as you like. Extravagant themes are perfect for children’s parties but can also work just as well for adult garden parties too. Your theme could just be in your decorations and table displays, or could span into your food, drinks and your guest’s attire. Vintage style parties are popular as they are so simple to create. Use Pinterest for some fantastic garden party theme ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

Sort out some seating

It’s likely you will be feeding your guests during your garden party so seating will be required. If you want to go for a relaxed vibe, scatter large cushions and throws around your decking or lawn. This will encourage your guest to sit down while they eat and adds some comfort to your garden. For a more formal approach invest in some rattan garden furniture. This will provide your party with additional seating and surfaces for you and your guests to use.

girls in the garden

Organise some entertainment

Your entertainment will probably depend on the type of party you are throwing and the ages of your guests. If you have lots of children attending your garden party, classic garden games such as hopscotch, frisbee and tag are still popular. You can also buy games to use outside such as Twister and oversized Jenga. You can also get the adults involved with family competitions such as egg and spoon races, rounders or a general knowledge quiz. Your theme could also help you find and create some new games that nobody has tried before. Make sure it’s enjoyable and don’t make any of the rules too strict to avoid any upset amongst your guests.

Prepare an alternative

The British weather can be very temperamental and so it can be a good idea to prepare an alternative. You could clear out your dining room or living room and continue the party indoors instead, or put up gazebos which will protect the decorations and food until the bad weather passes. It’s always best to be prepared to avoid disappointment and disaster so think about a plan B while you plan your party.

What are your tips for planning a garden party?

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