Review : Epson ET-2500

Regular readers will know my passion for learning.  I am currently in the process of 2 diplomas, both in very different fields and both come with coursework and assignments.  Printing out pages of assignments plus notes can become quite costly.  Even without these courses as a household we still do a lot of printing.

I love printing photos of the girls.  I also enjoy finding activities online and printing these for the girls also.  Needless to say we are a busy household and high technology users.  We try where ever possible though to watch the costs, so when Epson got in touch and said they could reduce our printing costs by 70% I was very keen to discover more.

The Epson ET-2500 is a 3 in 1 ink jet printer, which uses an eco tank and not ink cartridges.  It comes with enough ink to print up to 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour which is around 2 years of printing.

The Epson ET-2500 comes with everything you need to set up and start using, with the exception of paper.  It has a small footprint for the amount of functionality within it.  The Epson ET-2500 is able to print, scan and copy.  I was a little worried at first when I saw the CD in the box for install, as my laptop does not have a CD drive, but thankfully the whole set up can be done via an online link.

There are no ink cartridges in the Epson ET-2500, and instead uses an eco tank which you fill with ink.  I found this a little messy the first time I did this but on subsequent colours got more efficient at filling the tanks.  

After filling the eco tanks the Epson ET-2500 the rest of the install process takes place on the computer.  Everything seemed to be done automatically and I needed no knowledge of our WiFi or any detailed computer knowledge.  Simply follow the on screen instructions.

I was quite surprised at how fast set up was, I needed nothing but my computer and the printer no extra cables.  

Once I had set the printer up I downloaded the Epson app onto my smartphone.  The app has a very simple layout to it making it user friendly.  From here I can print direct from my phone, which is something I absolutely love.  No need to scroll back through and find that photo, I can print direct.

As the Epson is WiFi enabled I can also print from anywhere in the house, or even outside the house.  There is the ability to store documents in the cloud and print when you get home or to print directly from anywhere.  My husband has been taking full advantage of this feature by sending me random messages via the printer, whilst he is at work.

Overall I have been very impressed with the Epson ET-2500.  I love that there is the option to scan and copy as well as print.  It takes both paper and photo paper meaning no need for a separate photo printer and with its WiFi capability I can print from anywhere at great quality and at less cost.

Thank you to Epson for sending the ET-2500, all words are my own opinion 

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