Thing3 - the Nursery is finally ready!

We are very lucky that when we found out we were expecting Thing3 that we had enough bedrooms.  It did mean that I had to give up my office, but this has now been relocated.  My office walls were decorated recently in Graham and Brown wallpaper and it was decided that rather than removing the paper we would instead paint over the top to brighten up the room.

I wanted to keep the nursery neutral as we do not know if Thing3 is male or female and I settled on Ammonite and Dimpse, from Farrow and Ball, for the walls.  These colours both have soft natural hints to them and as this is a little room I thought it would be perfect for adding in light.  Dimpse has a subtle grey tone to it and Ammonite has more a natural fossil colour.  I felt the two would compliment each other really well.  

the nursery paint

I was really pleased that the paint covered the walls well and only needed one coat.  Farrow and Ball paint has a real luxurious touch to it, which you can see when you paint.  I wanted to ensure a good coverage over the wallpaper and therefore Farrow and Ball was the paint of choice.  In certain lights the walls change colour slightly, with the feature wall becoming darker and the other walls becoming closer to white and then sometimes grey.  I think it depends on the light from the window and if in natural light or artificial light.  I love these subtle changes to the room.  The room feels really warm and welcoming, and the natural tones on the walls add a calming effect to the room.

The carpet in the room was the original black carpet from when we moved in.  This has been in need of replacing for some time and converting the space into a nursery seemed the optimum moment to do so.  I settled for a hardwood floor, as it is much easier to keep clean, plus it is then in keeping with the rest of the house.  Once the flooring had been laid it was a case of adding in the furniture.

The room has a fitted wardrobe, so all that was needed was a cot and chest of drawers.  The drawers I already had, and the cot we painted from a second had cot which I bought online.  I made sure it met all current safety standards and had the required stamps before purchasing.  It looks brand new and I am so pleased with it.

the cot is ready

There was originally a sofa in my office and I decided to keep this in the nursery for night feeds.  We all love superheroes in our house and I thought this, along with Dr Seuss would be perfect for the theme for the nursery.  I came across a batman cushion online and knew the second I saw it that it had to be in the nursery.  

batman cushion

I had had a canvas shopping bag which the handles broke from Cosatto and by sticking velcro in the top I converted it to a cushion cover.  Perfect for the nursery.  The sofa has been used to create a reading corner.  We have a real love for books and reading in our house and we are hoping Thing3 develops this same love.  As this is only a small room I purchased a tidy books book case in white to help display all the wonderful books for Thing3.  The girls both have tidy book cases which I have also purchased for them and they take up very little floor space, along with giving easy access to the books.  

The girls have their scan pictures displayed on the walls in their bedrooms, and I found the hanging frame in Asda in the sale.  It is the perfect size for adding scan pictures to.

reading corner in the nursery

The reading corner is finished with my beautiful wooden print from Imprify, which of course is of the girls in their superhero costumes. 

superhero in the nursery

I would love a superhero themed rug and blind to go in the nursery but have not yet managed to find one, but these can be added once Thing3 arrives.

I really love the nursery and the way the room has transformed from my office to a room filled with love ready for Thing3 arrival.  

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  1. Number 3!! Wow!! Well done!!! Am barely sane with two!! Good luck and love the décor xxx

  2. The décor and room looks beautiful

  3. Aww lovely, love the cushion cover!! Thanks for linking up! #bestandworst


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