A First look and review of Stikbot

Stikbots are new to Brainstorm toys, they are pose-able figures which stick to most surfaces.  They become a little therapeutic after a while as you find yourself twisting and turning them to create new stances.  The suction cup hands and feet stick to most surfaces and to each other meaning you can form a chain and a variety of different poses. 

What makes them great is the ability to share creations over social media.  The app can be downloaded from either the apple store or google play for free.  With the app you can create photos and stop motion video.  

The app itself takes a little practise to get used to the different functions but soon my 5 year old had got to grips with it and was making stop motion video in the garden.

The Stikbots did have a few problems sticking to surfaces outside, so we had to come up with creative ways to get them to stay still for her to do her movies.  

The app is clever that it shows you the previous pose so that if you do accidentally move the Stikbot you can reposition back to the same place for continuity in your video.

The girls do have a lot of fun with Stikbots and seem to come up with more and more creative places to stick them.  

I seem to be finding Stikbots around the house.

Stikbots are a great way to get kids imaginations working.  The girls think about the 'next' move and how it will look for the film, and they are planning out a story line.  I think Stikbots are a very clever way to get kids minds active.

Here are some of the films my eldest has made:

And my 3 year old even had a go by herself!

You can check out more creations online with #stikbots !

We were sent the stikbot in exchange for a review, all words are my own opinion. 

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