Pregnancy incontinence - a helpful solution

Pregnancy brings about many wonderful changes but it also brings about a few embarrassing changes that we perhaps try not to talk about.  These changes are perfectly normal and we should do more to highlight the normality of them.  One such change is incontinence.  This can be caused by a variety of reasons and usually can be rectified after pregnancy.

Around two thirds of women suffer from some form of incontinence during pregnancy.  This can be a leak of urine when sneezing or coughing to a leak or even problems passing urine.  After pregnancy and child birth it is important to exercise the muscles and re strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in order to reduce long term incontinence issues.

Personally, and touch wood, I have not yet had this issue, but I do know a lot of women who have.  A close friend of mine is currently suffering with incontinence after recently giving birth.  Hartmann group recently emailed me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their range of products, however as I have not yet had this issue I declined, my friend however asked me to ask for some samples for her.

Having not tried them myself I can only go on the discussion we have had around them.  The first step is to work out what products you need using the handy selector tool.  This then recommends the products you may need, she was recommenced MoliCare which are pull up briefs and MoliMed which are incontinence pads.

The MoliCare pull up briefs are not the most fashionable of looking items and my friends face said it all when I handed them to her, however she did try them and said they were comfortable and worked.  I guess it is a case of function over fashion with them.  She did say they fitted well and lived up to the walk to and from school, without feeling uncomfortable or leaking.  

MoliCare brief

The MoliMed pads look very similar to sanitary towels, they come in a variety of absorbency dependant on your needs.  My friend stated that the pads were comfortable to wear and caused her no skin irritation.  She also mentioned that they were discreet so that you could not see them through her clothes.  The pads also have a slight shape to them making them fit better inside your underwear.  In her opinion she much preferred these over the briefs.

Overall though two products which lived up to the function they were designed to do.  Both had great absorbency and stopped the embarrassment that leaks can cause.  Both were also discreet under clothing, although the MoliMed was preferred over the MoliCare.

This post is written in collaboration with Hartmann group.  I have not tired the products stated, however a friend who wishes to remain anonymous has.  This post is written around the discussion we had after she tried the products. 

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