Choosing the right family holiday

I cannot believe that we are now half way through February.  The girls have already started asking when the next school holiday will be, and if baby will have arrived by then.  Easter is early for us this year and we should have been going to Florida over the school holidays , however due to the arrival of Thing 3 we have had to change our plans!

We would love to be getting away over the Easter holidays but instead are looking towards Spring holiday in May which will soon be upon us.  There are a number of different holidays we are looking at. 

Active holiday

We love to have part of our holiday trying new things and keeping busy.  I think the girls get too bore otherwise.  I am looking forward to the day I can take them Scuba diving with me, and we have even looked at holidays to Maldives for families.  They have lots of snorkeling trips for families which I know the girls would love, but we might have to wait until Thing 3 is a little older.

playing on the beach

Take time out

Whilst we love to be active we also like to take time out and relax.  Picking the right resort is therefore key.  Some have kids clubs and may even have baby listening or child-minding facilities, to enable adult only time.  It can be nice to unwind in the Spa away from the kids or simply take an hour to have a well deserved rest whilst the kids play safely.

Remember, preparation is crucial!

The next time we go on holiday we will be a family of five.  Preparation is therefore critical for any holiday.  I remember taking my eldest on holiday when she was 8 months old and it felt like I was packing for an expedition.  I had forgotten about how much a baby needs.  I am not used to carrying around a bag and soon I will have to remember all the things that go in a changing bag.  I recently wrote my pushchair wishlist and about how much stuff I’d forgotten you need it did take me back. 

Whatever type of holiday we decide to go on, we still need to work out where we are going?  Should we stay at home or venture for sunnier climates? 

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