How times change

Last week I took the girls to a museum which one of the exhibitions showed how our homes had changed.  Starting in the early 1900's we followed a family every decade and watched how their home developed.  The family were always in the front room, and started with an old style fire.  The girls were fascinated as we talked about how they had no other hot water and it all came from that one central point.  No boiler and no other heat source.  Their minds began thinking and they began spotting differences.

As the rooms became closer to modern date, more modern and recognisable features began to appear.  A Wireless radio was replaced by a large black and white TV, that was then replaced by the latest Viera 4K TV.  The fire changed from the AGA, to the gas fire to a modern electric fire.  The wallpaper and décor changed and soon the girls recognised modern technology.  The girls began asking questions,  They wanted to know more about the TV I watched when I was little.

One of my favourite TV shows was Mr Benn.  Mr Benn lived an ordinary life as an office worked and lived on Festive road.  He would visit his local costume shop were he would try on a costume.  Upon leaving the dressing room he would then be taken on a magical adventure.  My favourite was when he dressed up as a cowboy, and had an adventure with the Indians.  To this day I still randomly use the phrase 'As if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared'.

I asked the girls what their favourite TV show was. That is when they are not watching children play with toys on YouTube.  My eldest could not decide as she likes a variety of different things, but my youngest without hesitation said Paw Patrol!  

the girls

TV in our house is still very much a treat and we tend to watch things together as a family.  I found it fascinating at the museum learning how times had changed and think the girls found it exciting too!

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  1. Oh, I loved Mr Benn! I recently showed the kids some of my favourite shows when I was little over on YouTube - they were very taken with The Flumps :-)


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