Sleep and then more sleep

I have been hit by an overwhelming wave of tiredness recently.  The girls went for a sleepover to Grandma and Grandad house on Saturday evening and I spent the whole night asleep in bed.  After a lie in, I got out of bed at 10.30, I had breakfast followed by a shower and then decided upon a bacon sandwich for lunch.  At 1.30 I then got back into bed and woke up at 4.30pm when the girls came home.  

I cannot remember the last time I spent a day doing nothing and it was really nice.  Shame I had to get up early on the Monday for the school run.  My youngest was treated to lunch with Grandma and Grandad, so I spent the day catching up on jobs and cleaned the house from top to bottom.  This of course meant I then needed an early night.

The dogs had had a busy weekend and a busy few days and were tired today.  Which fitted in with my schedule perfectly.  We all had a chill out, sleepy type day.  Although how she sleeps like this I do not know. 

dog sleeping

I must therefore apologies for the lack of posts, updates and pictures on Instagram but I really have spent most of it either sleeping or working.  

My youngest asked today why I walk so slow and why it takes me so long to get up.  I guess it must be starting to show how big and heavy I am getting.

Hopefully my energy will return soon

This day I love sleep and then more sleep

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