And then 5 to go!

Having been told that I am not allowed to go over my due date there are at most 5 weeks to go until Thing 3 arrives.  I am feeling quite emotional at the moment by this fact.  Having no plans to have another this will be my last baby, unless nature decides otherwise, and so am trying to make the most of every little thing.

I can no longer see my feet, or anything that is on the floor.  The girls find this funny and keep putting things on the floor which I fall over.  J has become very protective and has to know where I am all the time.  Spotty dog is less interested.  

J with Bump

I had my routine midwife appointment this week.  Thing 3 heart beat is still at 140 and it was wonderful to hear as always.  Thing 3 still does not like to be touched so will constantly kick anything that is put near to them, including the monitors.  I was told baby is 3/5 engaged and that bump has dropped.  I am feeling on the large side and do feel as if the bump is low.

bump at just over 34 weeks

My legs are still swollen, as are my feet and ankles.  They no longer look like my legs or feel like my legs.  I was placed on an open appointment at physio, meaning I go if I need to, as there is nothing further they can do until baby arrives.  I am continuing with my exercise and seeing slow improvements but as bump gets heavier I am aching a lot more.

As bump has dropped it also means more frequent bathroom trips, especially during the night.  Heartburn is also increasing at night and is worse if I sleep on my left side.  Braxton Hicks is in full swing, regular and strong as if my body is getting ready.  With such a low bump I also no longer fit into any of my clothes, if I could I would spend all day in my PJ as they are the most comfortable

35 week bump

I have a scan at 36weeks to check the growth of Thing 3.  I am looking forward to seeing them again and my current guess is that Thing 3 is around 6lbs8oz we shall see if I am correct next week!

Cannot believe we have at the most 5 weeks to go!

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  1. Only 15 months since I was last pregnant and I'd already forgotten that sensation of not recognising my own lower legs, haha! Such a nice feeling when the swelling subsides and you do still have something resembling an ankle. All the best for the last 5 weeks :)


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