What could you give up for good?

When faced with the question, what could you give up for charity? there are probably many ideas. We have Dry January, raising money for numerous charities; Stoptober, helping those to stop smoking and raising awareness for charity and Movember, stopping shaving and raising money for cancer charities but what about something you could give up for good and at any time of the year?

There are many things I think I would struggle to give up for good.  I could perhaps give up chocolate, cake or sweet things for a good cause but on a short term basis.  I like the idea of trying to make a change over the course of a month, giving something up or making a change, and doing it for a good cause.  

chocolate face

In today’s society we all live busy lives and so making a change can be difficult.  Finding a cause which requires us to make a small change often has the biggest impact.  I am currently in the process of nesting, as baby is due any day.  In doing so I am decluttering and finding it very therapeutic.  Sorting out the wardrobes and tidying up has given me the feeling of decluttering my life and not just my wardrobe.

Since 2004, the Give up Clothes campaign has raised £22m for Cancer Research UK with £18m invested directly into research into childhood cancers.   The Give Up Clothes for Good campaign is run by Cancer Research UK in partnership with TK Maxx and allows you to take your used clothes, accessories and homeware to TK Maxx, they will be passed along for sale in Cancer Research UK shops, and the proceeds are used to fight children’s cancer – there are permanent donation points in every store, so you can donate year-round.  Any items donated that cannot be passed for sale are recycled.

Giving up some of the clothes, shoes and accessories I no longer use is such an easy way to raise money for charity and with donation points all over the UK there are quite a few near me.  This makes it easy and convenient for me to donate.  I have quite a few bags of clothes now that I will be taking to my nearest TK Maxx and I love that I have given up something for good! #Igiveupmy

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