And then everything changed...

I have been very nervous about today for quite some time.  Today was the day of our 36 week scan, the day that decisions would be made and a day that could have seen Thing 3 arrive into the world earlier than originally thought.

I was very apprehensive waiting for the scan, more so than the 12 week scan when you wonder if you are really pregnant.  They called us into the room and measurements were taken before we were allowed to see Thing 3 again.  Head is still down and low, and their hand is still in front of their face.  I hope they move it before delivery.  Thing 3 was well behaved and it did not take long at all for all measurements to be taken.  Then came the apprehensive wait.

After what felt like hours, the midwife called us into room 4.  She said baby weighs 6lbs and everything was exactly where it should be.  Everything was normal and following the correct chart.  After having all the bloods and routine tests for 36 weeks I was then told to wait for the consultant.  The consultant discharged me from hospital and said that we would just leave things to nature.  Which now means, no planned C section, no induction and I am now allowed to go over my due date.  Of course, if something happens between now and then then this would change, but as things currently stand we just wait and see what happens.

I am really happy and relived, I was dreading the thought of an induction and am just happy that things can progress as normal.  As things currently stand if baby came on time, they would be the smallest of my three that is if all the measurements are correct.

Everything appears to now be in place ready for Thing 3 to arrive, they have even tested their bedside crib out for size this week

bump and bedding

I am slowly feeling more relaxed, now the thought of an induction or C section has been taken away and can enjoy the final few weeks/days of pregnancy.

Bump at 36 weeks

Thing 3 seems really active and has such strong movements, still really dislikes to be touched!  They have frequent hiccups, which I have to say is my favourite movement.  Braxton Hicks are still in full force and getting much stronger with each day.  I cannot quite believe that next week baby is considered full term!

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  1. That's great news. It must be such a relief for you.
    Enjoy the last few weeks x


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