A surprise for me from the girls!

Finally it has stopped raining!

We were able to venture outside to play today and not only that we could do so without hats as it felt quite warm.  Well warm for a Winter day!  

The girls wasted no time at all coming up with a game and letting their imaginations run free.  I am not 100% sure what the game involved but they were running around the garden collecting everything from sticks to pebbles.

working hard

At one point they seemed to enlist the help of spotty dog, who seemed very keen on whatever their plan was.  The girls loved this and showed her what to do.

spotty dog helping

The final stages of the project seem to take place behind the wall, whatever they were doing was top secret.  

youngest watching

The girls told me they had a surprise for me and I had to close my eyes.  I reluctantly did as I was told and with a big 'ta-da' from the girls was presented with my very own cake complete with candles. 

the end result

My eldest said it was a cake for Valentines day and for baby.  They both had huge smiles on their faces and seemed very pleased with their creation.  Luckily I did not have to eat any of it!  I do love my girls and how they spent all afternoon making something for me, and for baby.  

After they had presented me with my cake they went off looking for worms!

This day I love a surprise from me from the girls

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