Maverick books - new Early readers

Early readers from Maverick books are a great way to make the transition from a picture book to independent reading.  My girls are already familiar with the stories and this then gives my daughters confidence to read the words on the page.

My eldest has started to get very shy when reading out loud either in public or a group of people.  She takes great pride in her work and we fear it is that she is scared of making a mistake.  Early readers have been helping her over come this shyness.  She knows the stories already and has listened to me read them many times.  It seems to be giving her the confidence she needs to speak louder in a group environment.

With my youngest she is starting to blend sounds and the Early readers range is a great transition for her.  Early readers are much more the size of an ordinary reading book, and she feels really grown up when we read them together.  I encourage her to blend some of the sounds together and we spot letters in the book.  

We have written in the past about the Early Readers range from Maverick book and we are pleased to say that our collection has grown to incorporate 5 new titles, which we have been sent.  The new books still adopt the same format and follow the picture books but are adapted for early readers.  Early readers are a great way to encourage independent reading and learning and make a welcome addition for my girls to read. 

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