The Easter holidays have arrived and I am very much looking forward to getting out and about with the girls and baby.  We have lots of activities planned and my Mum has even offered to have the girls for a day out.

The girls have been trying some new products to help with our trips out over Easter. The Sneck is a travel pillow which attaches to the headrest using Velcro.  It is incredibly soft as it is filled with microbeads and it provides a great place for a child to rest their head without getting in the way of the seat belt or harness.  The girls also love the pocket so they can stash treats inside.  It is really easy and simple to use and gives the girls that extra comfort if they need it.  I can also see it to be useful on the plane when we go on holiday next year.

The Junkie has been a life saver and absolutely amazing. It has two cup holders, retractable trays, a 'tech mount' and a place to organise everything you need in the car. 

The tech mount has been fantastic as it means we only need to take one tablet with us and the girls can share and watch the same film.  We fill the removable tote bag with things the girls need before a journey and then fasten the Junkie into the middle seat using the seat belt.  The Junkie really becomes useful after a journey as well as all the items the girls have used or their rubbish can be taken straight out the car.  We simply love how everything is easy to reach and kept tidy and that it contains everything the girls need for a journey.

The girls have also been trying the award winning BubbleBum.  BubbleBum is an inflatable car seat.  It takes less than 20 seconds to inflate by mouth and conforms to all EU and US regulations.  The BubbleBum has proved really useful recently as my Mum had to pick my eldest from school when I was in labour with baby.  My eldest had the BubbleBum in her school bag just in case.  It meant that should I not be able to get her from school she would be able to get in the car with my Mum or her friend and be safe.  It is designed for ages 4-11 so is ideal for my eldest.  It is perfect for those emergency situations or even for travel in taxis or abroad.  

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All items have been sent for review.  Words are my own opinion. 

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