Share your Very Important Pet #MyVIP

In all three of my pregnancies our dog, J, has been the first to find out.  It is his change in behaviour that has alerted me each time.  From his desire to no longer jump up to greet me, or that he rests his head on my lap and not my stomach are all signals that I was expecting.

Whilst pregnant he becomes more protective of me.  Sitting as close to me as possible and wanting to know where I am at all times.  As the pregnancies begin to draw to an end, he also senses this and his shadowing intensifies.  For me J is a Very Important Pet #MyVIP, he is such a loving and protective dog that you could not ask for anything else.

J and bump

Now baby has arrived he is just as loving towards them, accepting them straight away and looking at me to play.  A simple sniff to say hello.  I would be completely lost without J, he is my best friend and protector.  He gives me complete peace of mind and I feel safe knowing he is there.

The new Smart Home system from Panasonic, also offers complete peace of mind.  Panasonic would like you to share with them a picture or video of your Very Important Pet for a chance to win a two-night stay in a luxury hotel and other great prizes worth up to £2,000.
You can:

Tweet it to  @PanasonicUK ( with #MyVIP 
Comment on the #MyVIP Competition Post on the Panasonic UK Facebook page! (

I will be sharing an image of J, as to me he is #MyVIP.

This is a collaborative post.  I am sharing information of the giveaway only and have no other connection with the running or decision of the winner.  

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