A Taste of Sunrise

Between 5th and 13th March Sunrise care home communities are inviting the public to meet their talented chefs, sample their delicious and nutritious food and take home a free Taste of Sunrise Recipe Book when they take a tour of the community, the closest to me is the nursing home in Bramhall.  I have been sent one of the Taste of Sunrise new recipe book to try.  The book contains signature dishes designed by Michelin star chefs and I have been eager to give it a try.

I love discovering new recipes and ideas, such as the winter stew which they add bacon to.  We found this a great addition to a classic.  Warming and very filling.  The book had something for everyone.  My daughters though both loved the Sunrise smoothie,  A great combination of fruit and a perfect breakfast drink also


It might not have looked like the picture in the book, but it still tasted great.  

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