An Easter treat

The girls are showing a real interest in the minute in growing plants.  They were given a bag of seeds and are desperate to plant them.  This curiosity has expanded into how do plants grow, and we have been having fun exploring this.

A recent delivery of a rainy pot from Red Candy, has allowed us to explore this further.

We chose a blue pot for our rainy pot, but there are other colours available.  Everything needed [except soil, seeds and water] are included in the box and there is minimal assembly. 

The rainy pot can be hung on the wall or stood on its own.

We decided to do something a little fun for Easter.  The girls know that for a plant to grow it needs a substance like soil to grow in.  However as this was a magic Easter plant we needed some flour. 

Once full it was then time to plant our special Easter seed [small chocolate egg for us big people].

For a plant to grow it needs water and our special cloud helped us with this.  The cloud takes a maximum of 80ml of water.

The special rainy pot then casts its magic and rains on our plant, as plants need water to grow

The girls left their special Easter plant out over night for the Easter bunny to wave his magic.  Next morning when the girls woke up

Our Rainy pot had grown a special Easter treat!

The girls were incredibly impressed and are now really eager to plant flowers in our Rainy pot!

Thanks to Red candy for sending us a rainy pot for this post.  All words are my own opinion. 

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