Globber Up!

If you have met my youngest daughter you know she is incredibly clumsy. We joke she is best friends with the floor as she spends that much time falling over invisible objects.  She does however love ballet dancing and playing outdoors.

Ballet has really helped her balance and co ordination and whilst its taken over a year she can now hop and stand on one leg!  Riding a scooter can also help with balance and co ordination and the Globber up scooter is really helping her with this.

We started by locking the front wheels, which is easy to do with one button. This helped her to gain confidence on the Globber up before we unlocked them. The Globber up also has a low deck profile, when compared with other scooters.  This low profile means the scooter is not only more stable but also more comfortable. At 3 years old her little legs do not tire as quick on the Globber up, so she wants to ride it for longer.  As she is riding for longer her confidence also build.

Her elder sister also has a Globber up. The Globber up features a height adjustable handle bar meaning it is suitable for both my 5 and 3 year old and will grow with them.  My eldest had been growing in confidence on hers and now uses the brake at the back instead of simply putting her feet down on the floor.

I love the bright vibrant colours of the Globber scooters. They really stand out from the crowd.  The handle bars are soft and padded giving great grip and comfort.

The Globber up weighs 2.6kg and so even if we go out for the day I can carry the scooters for the girls whilst they are not riding but better yet they are able to pick them up themselves!

The Globber up has improved the confidence of both girls.  In my youngest it is also helping to improve her balance and co ordination. It has reinforced their love for the outdoors and at any given opportunity they are both wanting to be outside on their Globber up scooters.  I love that the girls are wanting to be outside playing and love that the Globber up is so comfortable and easy for them to use that it keeps them active for longer.

I purchased the Globber up mentioned in this post, words are my own opinion 

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