Return of the pants man

I haven't been able to spend much time with just the girls recently and wanted to take them out for an afternoon of fun together.  My daughters and I love wrestling, they call it pants man, and as WWE Live Wrestlemania revenge was on tour near us it made for a perfect excuse to leave baby with his Dad and us girls go out for the afternoon.

The girls were incredibly excited, not only to spend some time with me but also to be at wrestling.  Their favourite part is joining in with the chants, and also table matches.  The first part did not disappoint as the chants 'Feed me more' started echoing through the arena.

Followed by 'Wassup' 

Then came one of my favourite wrestlers, the Big show!

The girls love the Big Show too, he is pure entertainment to watch.  At this point he had the girls laughing so hard, it was lovely to hear.  

We were incredibly impressed by the 8 WWE divas and their match.  There were some incredibly well executed moves and it is always nice to see something a little different

I loved spending the afternoon with just the girls and we had a fantastic time watching WWE Wrestlemania revenge

Although it was lovely to get home to cuddles from the Little man!

This day I love return of the pants man

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  1. It sounds and looks like you had a great time!
    I do love a bit of Wrestling :) x


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