Review : Puppy in my pocket

My youngest announced over a year a go that when she is bigger she wants to be a vet, so she can make animals feel better.  She loves animals of all shapes and sizes but she seems to really loves dogs.  Perhaps it is because she has grown up with them or her natural touch with them, but whatever it is she simply adores dogs.

Puppy in my pocket is the perfect toy for her.  The brand is well established and has been around since the 90s, but are back with the latest collectables.  I love the details that have gone into each figure and the fact they are soft to touch which I was not expecting.  There are over 100 to collect and the girls really wanted one of the ultra rare glitter pups.  They have both asked when they can have some more so I can see this becoming quite a collection.

1. Blind Packs £2.49

The blind packs contain 1 puppy and the girls get very excited when opening them.  Each pack also comes with a sheet so you can tick off your collection from one of the 4 series.  The girls are desperate to find a glitter puppy and complete their collection.  The Puppies are incredibly detailed and of really high quality.  I was amazed at how much work has gone into each one with attention to detail to represent the true dog breed.

2. Clip On Pouch £9.99

My eldest wants to attach the clip on pouch to her book bag so she can take one of the pups with her to school.  The pouches are clear so you can show off the pup inside.  I think it is great value that in each pack there are 5 puppies which make it a great way to expand your collection.  The clip on pouch would also make a great birthday present and I know it is something my youngest would love 

3. Dog Park Playset £19.99

As with any puppy you want somewhere for them to play.  The Dog Park playset is perfect for adventures with your puppies.  The Dog Park Playset also includes two exclusive puppies to expand your collection further.  The park has a see saw and a tire swing which really swings. The girls have had great fun playing with the dog park playset, using their imagination to come up with stories for each of the different puppies.  The dog park playset makes for a great addition into the Puppy in my Pocket collection.

\We were sent the mentioned Puppy in my Pocket items for review, all words are my own opinion 

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