Little man and his first visit to the Baby show

For over 6 years I have been visiting the Baby show, from my first bump to my newest addition.  Each show brings about different experiences, but each one is as warm and friendly as the previous.  This year was special as it was the first with my newest addition and I simply wanted to introduce him, and show him off, to the fabulous friends I have made over the years.

We braved the train journey to Birmingham together, which involved 3 trains! Little man slept the whole way there and I was super impressed I could get the pushchair between the seats on the train

We arrived in Birmingham and after a brief walk around the show, I attend the British red cross first aid talk.  I am so pleased I did, as even though I am a qualified first aid instructor it is always really good to refresh your skills.  The talk was really informative and at a really good pace.  Having been through some of the scenarios first hand, I know how important the information was.  It also reminded me to download the app onto my phone!

We walked around the show talking to everyone and introducing them to little man.  I will admit to becoming engrossed in conversation and forgetting to take photos!  We stopped to say hello to Nuby and see the new 360 bottle.  This will revolutionise our feeding as little man has both colic and silent reflux.  The 360 helps to combat both reflux and colic and I am hoping to share more with you soon as we put it through its paces.

I wanted to take another look at the Omnio stroller.  Having watched the product develop over the past 2 years it was wonderful to finally see the stroller fold, and have another go at pushing!  I cannot wait to see the Omnio in a few months when Little Man is bigger and he can give it a try.

Some of my highlights which I wish I had photos of but unfortunately Little man was in a grumpy tired mood so I do not are:

- The Knuma connect.  This is a 4 in 1 high-chair and grows with the child.  The build quality looked fantastic and it would certainly be something I would be looking at for Little Man.

- Diono Radian 5 - I absolutely love my car seats and have wanted to see the Radian 5 in the flesh for some time.  I managed to have a demo and see in the flesh, I love how it folds so we could take it with us on holiday later in the year

- Nomi Highchair - Yes I know another, but the next stage of Little Man development is weaning and I am very much looking at Highchairs.  This had a great unit for baby and is designed by the same person as the Tripp Trapp, which is also on my watch list!

There were some amazing offers from Tommee Tippee, so good in fact they had sold out of the perfect prep cartridges by the time I got there!  

I met some amazing brands who I am hoping to share more with you over the coming weeks and I also saw some of the new ranges from Pourty and Gumigem.  As always it was lovely to speak to the brands featured on my newborn essentials list shnuggle, Ewan the dream sheep and Snugglebundl.  I finally got to meet some brands in person who I have worked with Snuz, Britax and the Natural birthing company.  It was a wonderful day meeting people and seeing new brands, but the best part for me was spending the day with my Little Man.

We had an amazing time together and whilst this might not be the best picture this is the look I had all the way home on the train

I cannot wait for more adventures together

This day I love Little man and his first visit to the Baby show

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