Magical bank holiday weekends

Warm, sunny, bank holiday evenings are perfect for exploring.  Taking a stroll through the woods, the light glowing though the trees giving an almost magical feel to the evening air.

The girls dressed in their tutus pretending to be their favourite My little pony character.

The rain from the past few weeks left the ground underfoot squelchy and sticky, but this did not stop the girls exploring.  With magic at their fingertips they made the tutus sparkle

Hand in hand they explored the wood, lights twinkling from their skirts as they went adding a real element of magic to an already sparkling afternoon.

Stopping only to look for fairies and point out butterflies.

Before taking the winding path back home again.

Once home I removed the magic from a hidden secret pocket.  I could then wash the tutu ready for another magical adventure. 

This Day I love Magical bank holiday weekends 

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