Review : Kiddimoto U-Zoom

A true design and engineering passion is evident with the Kiddimoto U-zoom.  The way the whole scooter functions has been designed with both parents and children in mind.  For the little ones the cleverly designed steer function, means the Kiddimoto U-zoom is very responsive to movement.

The wheels are a good size, allowing them to cope with any terrain thrown at them.  They are also easy to clean if covered in mud.  The wheels on the U-Zoom are extra special as they contain LED lights which flash the faster the wheels turn.  

For adults the U-Zoom folds and fits neatly under most pushchairs.  The handle bar is height adjustable, meaning the U-zoom grows with your child and should last for longer.

The Kiddimoto U-zoom currently has three patterns available.  Each with the same features including a foot board with a good grip to catch any slipping feet.

The handle bars are soft and chunky enough for even the smallest fingers to get a good grip.

Both girls enjoy the Kiddimoto U-Zoom.  I fold the U-Zoom and carry it under the pram to pick my youngest up from school who then rides it home.  She will then ride it to school later to give to her sister to ride home again.  We love that it is portable enough to be transported this way, and that both girls are able to use the U-Zoom.

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