Baby essentials for the first three months

When little man was a few weeks old I wrote my newborn essentials list.  Little Man is fast approaching 3 months old, the time is just flying past, and with it we have discovered a few more items that we now could not be without.  As with the newborn list these are things we probably would never have thought about but have really made our lives easier.

Neither of my girls would nap, and my eldest dropped all day time sleep from 6 months.  Little man however seems to like sleep but like the warmth and security of cuddling.  Whilst this is great and I have no objection giving him as many cuddles as he wants, I do also have 2 other children who equally need my love and attention.  There are times therefore that Little man has to nap when not held.  

We had been really struggling with this, as understandably Little man wanted holding.  The security and closeness was something he needed.  Poddle Pod has given Little man the security he needs whilst giving me the freedom to play with the girls.

Poddle Pod gentle cuddles Little man whilst he is taking his naps.  We don't use it over night, as it is only recommended for day time use, but it is perfect.  It is really light weight so we can carry it around the house.  The Poddle Pod is available in two sizes, the Poddle Pod is designed to be used with babies aged approximately 0-6 months. The Toddle Pod is then used with babies approximately 6-36 months of age.  We have the Toddle Pod as I wanted it to last a little longer, but Little man would have equally been as happy in the Poddle Pod.

The size is great and it fits neatly into a moses basket/crib.  This means we can carry the Poddle Pod to the room we need it in and then place it in the moses basket if we need to.  We also use our Poddle Pod for tummy time.  Little Man loves looking at the pattern on the Poddle Pod when it is tummy time.  There are a great selection of designs to choose from and even a new wipe clean, which is great if you have a sicky baby.  The covers are also machine washable.

Poddle Pod has made a huge difference to us.  I know Little man has a safe and secure place to take his day naps and he seems only too happy to drift to sleep.

I simply cannot believe how something so simple has made so much difference to us.  Knee Pal is quite simply a cushion for your knees.  It is made of a fully waterproof polyurethane, which means it can be used almost any where.  

In a single day to day, I use it for changing nappies when I am kneeling on the floor, at bath time as it is water proof and when kneeling on the floor to get the dog food out the cupboard.  I take it to the swimming pool with us so I can kneel on the floor to dry the girls feet after swimming lessons.  I even carry it with us if taking photos so I can kneel down on the ground to get closer to the girls level.  

It really has made such a difference.  Knee Pal is incredibly soft and ergonomic for your back too.  There are so many uses at home, from gardening to DIY and playing with baby, but because it is lightweight it is also portable so you can use it when out and about too.  Knee pal is easy to clean and dries really fast.  There are currently 4 colours to choose from.  

For the first few weeks Little man would only settle when held upright.  When laid flat he would scrunch, twist and arch his back.  He would then be sick.  A few times he started choking and we had to really pat his back to get him breathing again.  Sleeping was therefore a really scary time, either lie him down and risk choking and sick or pick him up and try and stay awake to sleep upright.  The Dr diagnosed him with both colic and silent reflux.

The Cosy dream really helped us transition him from sleeping in our arms to sleeping in his own bed.  The Positioning roll is made from micro bead and can be Velcro into the correct position for your baby.  Placing under babies bum and the arms form a support along babies side.  Baby then feels like they are still in your arms.  The great thing is his legs are then kept in a slightly lifted position, as if they are over your arms.  

Little man finds the Cosy dream really comfortable and since we have introduced it sleeps the majority of nights from 10 until 5/6.  His colic seems to have disappeared, and his startle reflex is reduced.  He is kept in the optimum position on his back and because the cosy dream is really light weight I can easily move it to be where we need it.

I never had a swing chair with my eldest daughter, instead we had a rocker and a baby bouncer.  Both girls loved these.  Little man however is sick in the bouncer, I think due to the reflux but I needed something for him.  Somewhere where he could practise focusing and reaching out for objects.  A space for him to get a different perspective on the world and somewhere where he can watch us all.  I love holding him, and placing him in a sling but sometimes this is not practical, when cooking dinner for example.

The swoon bubble is a swing chair.  It can be operated via mains or with batteries and there is very little assembly.  What assembly there is is really quick to do, takes less than 5 minutes.The chair has 5 swing speeds, but Little man is more than happy with the first two settings.  The timer can be set for 8, 15 or 30 minutes.  There are 8 lullabies with 3 different volumes and it scrolls through each lullaby in turn.  When not in use the Swoon bubble is easy to fold and store away.

Little man loves his swing,  It seems to soothe his tummy, perhaps this is because he feels supported and snug or that the position of the chair can be adjusted to give a more reclined seat for short naps.  The seat does appear to be lovely and deep.  The head rest can be removed and the 5 point harness moved also, making it perfect as he grows.

I love watching how fascinated he is with the hanging animals on the toy arch.  He watches them and I know he is working out how to play with them.  The feel of the swoon bubble is really elegant and it is also soft to the touch.  I am not sure where we would be without our swoon bubble.  It has made such a difference to both Little man and to us, and is certainly a must buy item.

Some items in this list have been send for review, others purchased.  This list is my honest opinion. 

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  1. Thanks for this. Have just bought the babymoov and your other ideas also look interesting - the swingbubble particularly!


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