A new best friend

My youngest daughter has a new best friend.  Her best friend is rather special as there are only 400 available in the UK.  Her new best friend is the 6th Limited Edition Zelfs, Mary Go-Round, the Carousel Pony Zelfs is our rarest Zelf yet and from July series 6 of the Zelfs will be available in stores.

Whilst I wanted to keep Mary Go-Round in her packaging given her rarity, my youngest had other plans and tore open the packaging to release her best friend.  Her hair is super soft, and the bright pink and blue colouring attracted my youngest.

Mary Go-Round comes complete with a token, given you her limited edition number and a charm.  The charm has been firmly placed on my youngest daughters book bag!

My youngest loves to take care of her limited edition Zelf and spends many hours brushing her hair.

 In fact she loves her Zelf so much it even accompanies her to swimming lessons, and I have rather a lot of photos on my phone which she has taken!

If you would like your own Limited edition Zelf you need £30 worth of 2016 Zelfs receipts and then go to this link to redeem for your own Mary Go-Round Zelf. 

Our Zelf was sent in exchange for this post, all words are my own opinion. 

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