The day the training wheels came off

My eldest has wanted to ride her bike without the training wheels on for quite sometime.  I struggled to support her whilst pregnant and since having Little man have found it difficult to juggle her request of learning to ride a bike.  We came across a local facility that can help children to learn to ride a bike.  I booked the girls in for today and we left the house early this morning with both girls very excited.

To begin with they were given tricycles to ride in order to asses their pedalling ability.  My youngest needs to work on her leg strength and to stop looking down so she was left on the tricycle, whilst my eldest was given a two wheel bike.

I watched the girls go round and round the track.  My youngest loving the freedom to ride and my eldest gaining in confidence.  I lost count of the number of times the girls went round but the smiles never left their faces.  Both girls were awarded with medals for their improvement and bravery, my youngest fell off but she got straight back on and continued riding.

On the final lap just as we were about to leave my eldest did this

I am so incredibly proud of her.  She still has a little way to go to master riding as she is a little wobbly but I am so impressed with what she has accomplished in a day.  Both girls have asked when we can go again as they really enjoyed themselves

This day I love the day the training wheels came off

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