Britax BOB - Initial thoughts and use with Carry cot

Before Little Man arrived I loved running and walking.  I enjoyed the freedom and space to think, as well as exploring and discovering new places.  I want to continue my love for exploring and discovering new places with Little Man, which means we need a pushchair to match.

Over the next few months we are putting the Britax Bob Revolution Pro through its paces.  The Revolution pro sounds perfect for our families needs.  As standard it is suitable for ages 6 months and over, however you are able to purchase the carry cot separately to make it suitable from birth.  If using the Cary cot you also need to buy the infant carry adaptor to enable the carry cot to be attached to the pushchair. 

We have decided to do a series of posts and video on the Britax BOB revolution pro.  This first post will give an overview of the Revolution pro and its use with the carry cot.  A video will follow shortly which will detail how to fold and the BOB in use and then finally another post detailing how we are finding BOB for running.

The BOB revolution pro requires some assembly, the wheels need fastening which although simple to do is actually quite hard to ensure a secure grip.  Once assembled the brakes need testing to ensure a correct fit and air needs to be put into the tyres.

The BOB has a two stage fold, first folding the top half down before finally folding in half.  You do need to remove the carry cot first before folding, and if you wanted to make it more compact you could also remove the wheels.

The wheels on BOB are a good size and are air filled.  They can be filled with air as needed and are capable of tackling the toughest terrain, even sand,

For a large pushchair the BOB handles really well, the journey is smooth and the handling is light weight.  I am often surprised at how easy the BOB moves, as if gliding over the bumpy ground.  

The BOB features two brakes, the first a foot brake is operated by lifting and lowering the bar.  As it is a solid bar it is easy to access as any point.

The second is a hand brake which is really handy if walking and I also imagine running, as it does stop the pushchair very quickly.  It is operated by squeezing the lever and works like a bike brake to stop the pushchair.  

The wheels can also be removed by pulling forward the silver lever.

The carry cot adaptor is attached to the main frame of the BOB and can be detached by pressing the red button.  It simply slots into place and a click can be heard to say it is correctly positioned.  The bar can be left in place when folding.  The carry cot is then clicked on to this bar and sits over the main seat of the revolution pro.

Little man has lots of space inside the carry cot.  The hood is also a great size and provides lots of shade.  The carry cot comes with a rain cover.

Little man does like to kick the carry cot cover off.  The cover is attached at various points with velcro.

There is plenty of storage on BOB.  The basket is of a decent size, and we even put a few items on the seat as the carry cot is sat just on top, it allowed a small gap for storage.  There is also a gap by the base of the carry cot and the back of the seat, which is where I stored the rain cover.

The front wheel has two modes, sport or city and there is also a wrist strap on the handle bar 

The Britax BOB revolution pro is perfect for exploring and for walks in the countryside.  It handles all terrains with ease, even sticky mud.

Grandma also loves pushing the revolution pro and finds it very lightweight to push.

The biggest fan thought is Little man who finds it so comfortable he falls asleep.

The Britax BOB revolution pro has given us the ability to explore as a family and enabled us to continue our love for the outdoors.  Little man is very happy in the carry cot and I am excited to try the revolution pro with the seat in a few months time and take Little man with my on a run!

All words are my own opinion. Thanks to Britax for sending the BOB revolution pro to review. 

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