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In the past week alone I have taken hundreds of photos. Most of them are of little man and the girls and whilst I tend to only share a select few on social media, I do treasure each and every one. Recently I was looking through a memory card that I had filled, and simply could not believe how much my children have changed. The most obvious changes are of little man as he changes from a newborn into a little boy.

I have my favourite images of them and each month I try to take a photo of the three of them together, to record that bond that is developing and changing over time. The first image I took of the three of them is the one I used to announce his arrival,and possibly one of my favourites.

At 7 weeks old all three of my children have had their photos taken by a good friend of mine, Jemma Lambert, and her photography is proudly displayed on my walls. When contacted by transform a wall, it was one of her images I chose to be made into a wall mural

I was unaware of what the package was when it arrived. Two parcels, a tube and a box, one containing the metal frame edges and the other the image. The frame requires assembly to be put together but the instructions are clear and simple to follow. The image is printed onto a canvas, which when the girls saw it thought it was a flag. The canvas is then stretched around the frame to form the finished mural.

The finish on the print is of a high quality and I do keep stopping and simply looking at the finished product. The faces of my children and the capture of that particular moment in time it always brings a smile to my face. The mural really has transformed a wall, from something we simply passed by to a place to pause and reflect, a place that makes us smile every time we walk past it.

Thanks you Transform a wall for sending the canvas for review, all words are my own opinion 

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