First aid for baby and child course

During my last visit to the baby show I attended a workshop run by the British Red Cross.  The workshop was an overview to first aid for babies and children, and I left wanting to refresh my skills and perhaps pick up some new tips for first aid.

My youngest daughter is one of the most accident prone people you could possibly meet.  We say she is best friends with the floor as she spends a large proportion of her time on it.  It is simply who she is, I think she inherits my clumsy genes.  I have had a few scares with her, and as a result I want to make sure my first aid skills are up to date.  As Little Man gets older too, should he also have the clumsy genes I want to make sure I am ready.

The British Red Cross run a number of course, one of which is the First aid for baby and child course.  When I enrolled for the course I was not too sure what to expect, and the level it would be pitched at, or if there would be a test or course work to complete.  I had chosen to split the course over two evenings, but I also had the option to attend one day instead.

I attended the first evening feeling nervous, but within a few minutes I was at ease.  The course was a good mixture of hands on learning, team working and listening to the instructor.  We would consolidate ideas in a group and then discuss with the whole class.  There was a relaxed feeling which made it comfortable to talk openly and as a result there were no silly questions and everyone could bounce ideas off each other.

The course touched upon most aspects of childhood illnesses and injuries from Meningitis to Asthma, and cuts, sprains and burns.  One of the most important sessions for me was we were given a scenario and a bag full of household objects.  Using our skills we had to treat the scenario with what we had.  This to me was far more useful than teaching bandaging for example, as it was much more real world.  Should my child now have a burn whilst we are out, or in the kitchen I would feel confident to deal with it rather than panic that I did not have the right equipment available.

There was of course a very serious element to the course.  Practising skills that you hope you will never need, but to have them there is better than not at all.  

Even though I had some prior first aid knowledge I left the course with confidence.  This course is intended for anyone who comes into contact with children or babies (please note that this course does not meet workplace requirements and there is a separate course available for this).  This could be in your profession or as a parent or grandparent.  Whilst I hope I never have to use the skills I learnt, I will be forever grateful to the British Red Cross for giving me the confidence and knowledge needed should an emergency occur.

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