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Little man has silent reflux and needs to be kept upright for as long as possible. This is hard for him and hard on me too, especially with having the girls to look after also. On a plus side this means we get to enjoy lots of baby wearing.

I love baby wearing. I find it great for soothing colic and crying babies. It helps to build a bond and a sense of closeness. Baby wearing can also help the transition from womb to outside world and provide the comfort some babies need. By using a sling/pouch it also keeps your hands free to get on with other things, such as eating, whilst looking after baby.

Rockin baby make some beautiful print ring slings and pouch. They work with non profit organisations and donate a sling to a mother who needs it through these organisations world wide whenever one of theirs is purchased. Using a Rockin baby sling is not only good for you and your baby but you also help out another mum and her baby too.

The pouch was really easy to use. There are zips on the back to adjust the size in order to make it fit.

A removable cover can then be attached to hide the zips if needed. Baby is then positioned correctly in the pouch ensuring they are kissable and visible at all times.

For me the most difficult part was choosing the print. A huge range of prints to suit all tastes it was a tough choice. I eventually went for Frosti and have to say I love it more in the flesh. I was impressed at how easy it was to use and how comfortable it felt on. Little man felt happy too and fell asleep the first time I wore it.

One of my favourite features has to be the padded edge. It provides great comfort against babies legs.

The Rockin baby pouch is a real pleasure to use and little man loves to feel close to me.

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