Lion guard twitter party

You may have seen last week that we were twitter party hosts for a Lion guard twitter party with  The girls invited their friends round to play and have some fun.

One of the favourite games of the guests was playing pin the tail on Kion.  The adults could not resist joining in the fun, and even wore the Lion ears.

Some of the activities got a little bit competitive, as we raced to finish the three mazes as quick as we could.

Although after we completed the mazes, we decided to find some other puzzles to complete in our Lion Guard magazine. 

During the party we played with some of the new Lion guard toys.  A favourite of all the guests was Bunga's Coconut blaster.  The poseable Bunga figure was placed at various locations in the house, and the coconut was blasted towards it to knock it down.  Although perhaps not the intended game, it provided a lot of giggles from the guests.

My favourite is the collectable figure set.  The set contains Kion and the rest of the Lion guard.  Each figure contains great details and as the full Lion guard are present it makes for a wonderful gift.  The girls love playing with the collectable figures and using their imagination to act out different stories.

Another one of the popular items was the Defend the Pride Lands play set.  This reminded me of the Indiana Jones set where he gets chased by the bolder.  I think mainly because there is a bolder that rolls through the set.  There is a waterfall with a secret cave behind, trap doors and moving set parts.  There are lots of different parts to the play set including a rope cage, which you can lower and lift up again by pushing a button.  The girls really like the bone trap

After a fun filled party with the new Lion guard toys to play with and lots of party games, the girls and their guests needed to relax and sat down to read their Lion Guard magazines.

We were selected to be party hosts, all words are my own opinion 

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