Keep rolling

For what seems like forever Little man has been trying to roll onto his tummy.  Desperate to sleep on his tummy, desperate to be on the move and simply desperate to roll over.  He has come so close, getting onto his side before toppling back, or almost over but the arm under him stopped him and rolled him back.  Each attempt met with frustration, yet a determination to get over.  His little legs have kicked out in frustration with himself as he attempted another turn.

I knew, perhaps instinctively, that on Sunday morning he would finally manage it.  Don't ask me why, something just seemed to sit right, he had a look about him that said I will do this.  Do it he did.  He turned over and moved his arm out the way.

His hard work and sheer determination finally paid off and he rolled onto his tummy for the first time.

The issue I now have is he wants to roll over all the time.  Nappy changing has stepped up a gear, baths are a whole new challenge and as for night time, well he now rolls himself onto his tummy to sleep.

I am super proud of my Little boy

This day I love Keep rolling

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