My dogs are very much my fur babies. As daft as it may sound J is my best friend. He knew I was pregnant before anyone else and he always knows when I feel sad and comes to cheer me up.  J loves the kids and has always been protective of them, even when they were bumps.

I love my dogs.  They have their own personalities and traits. Spotty dog is absolutely bonkers and often gives you a look of 'I don't understand'.  She has her own ways to get your attention and in particular will sit by the food cupboard when she is hungry.

J is a loving dog. He stands by the door when he wants to be let out or if he sees a squirrel.  When he wants a walk though he stares at you longingly.

He recently has a new trick to tell me he wants a walk.  He jumps on the chair and sits by this cushion from red candy.


I am not sure if it is the gorgeous colours, the picture of a dog that looks like him or if he can read the writing but either way he loves walkies.

There are other dog pictures available, although I love this one as it reminds me of J, which means they make an idea gift for any dog lover.

 Thanks to Red candy for sending the Walkies cushion, all words are my own opinion 

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  1. People always said I was a little bit mad as I was sure that my dog knew that I was pregnant before other people did! It's weird isn't it how they are so in tune with us and can sense these things. I have a weimaraner and sometimes she drives me potty as she can be quite protective and bark a lot if she hears noises outside etc, but the house is always really strange and quiet when she's not here


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