Review : BRIO Railway Starter Set Pack A and Starter Track Pack B

As a young child I always wanted a BRIO wooden train set.  I would play for hours with a set in a shop in town, and I loved creating stories to accompany the various track layouts.  There was something wonderful about the BRIO train set, they way the pieces easily fit together, even for little hands, and the bright colourful colours of the trains and scenery.

BRIO has retained its heritage and is a brand that is over 100 years old.  Each set has been updated and the range has expanded over the years, but all the new products are designed to be used with previous models.  All BRIO wooden toys are made from FSC certified wood, which means that it originated from responsible forestry.  BRIO is a well known name that is trusted.

The girls have a BRIO wooden train set that they love to play with, and although Little man is too young to play at the moment, I know that a set will last for years to come.  The BRIO railway starter set comes in 2 packs.  Pack A contains everything needed to build and play with a first track.  The figure of 8 track layout is one which most people start with, and one which the girls can build themselves.  However using Pack B, the starter track Pack, you gain an extra 13 pieces to build a whole host of track layouts.

I love the extra pieces that are in Pack A, the people, the stop signals and the cases.  These additional make for an increased imaginative play. It allows you to talk to your child more about the role play, and it allows others to play.  Each taking a person and creating a story around them.

The trains are perfect for little fingers to open, and the people easily fit inside.  

New adventures can begin and a new story can unfold as the passengers are taken to their destination.  You can talk with your child about the train going over the bride or under the tracks and it is a great way to discuss positional language. 

Every last detail has been thought through, from the way the trains open to the stop signal.  Each one perfect for little fingers to play with and use.

Whilst the sets are recommended for ages 3 and over, I can see Little man playing with them earlier as his sisters play with him.  The BRIO Railways starter packs are everything you need to start your BRIO journey together. 

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