A good nights sleep

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There is a lot it be said for a good nights sleep. The next day you feel better, you feel relaxed, re-energised and ready for the day ahead. I feel better to tackle the challenges the day may bring and more confident to make decisions. For children, sleep is the time when they process the day and when a lot of the learning is done. It is no surprise that tired children are cranky and ratty and have difficulty processing, which means a good night sleep is vital for them too.

I have just attended a sleep retreat with Huggies, as part of our DryNites ambassador program, and I felt a little bit of a light bulb moment. My youngest daughter occasionally wets the bed, but can you imagine what it's like for her not knowing if she is going to get any sleep. Subconsciously I think it must really affect her, that uncertainty. I know at the sleep retreat it felt great knowing I was going to get some sleep and not get woken up in the night and I was confident I would have a good nights sleep. This is a feeling I want her to have. I want her to feel confident she is going to get some sleep, to feel happy about going to sleep and not dreading the thought of bed time, not having those what if moments. I want her to feel safe to sleep.

At 4 she is not alone as 1 in 4 four year old still have night time accidents. I want her to know that it is ok, and to allow her to grow up to be a confident little girl. DryNites are not nappies, they are designed to look and feel like pants, and I am hoping that as our journey progresses she will become more confident and happier about bed times.

This post is part of my partnership with DryNites 

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