Breakfast with the bear

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Am not sure why but my girls seem to wake up earlier during the school holidays than they do for school. They wake up and the first thing they ask for is breakfast. I am not very imaginative when it comes to breakfasts, usually because I am tired and haven't got the functionality at that time to think. I do though want my girls to have a healthy start to their morning, one that is quick and simple and requires minimal thinking.

Ready brek is perfect for this. Made from finally milled whole grain oats, it delivers all the nutritious and healthy benefits of adult porridge but without the lumps. A bowl of ready brek is ready in around 90 seconds in the microwave, making it a quick simple and healthy choice in the mornings.

I also admit to liking ready brek, the smooth constancy makes it perfect for adding fruit, honey or even jam to, giving some variety each morning to breakfast. Ready brek is available in original or chocolate flavour, and we will be looking out for the chocolate having tried original so far.

Ready brek also recently redesigned their packaging to include a warm friendly bear. The girls did ask if I ate the breakfast would I turn into a bear, and this has now become a running joke in our house. The girls find the bear friendly and now ask for the breakfast with the bear on. I know that when school starts again in September the girls can have a warm, filling breakfast ready for a full day at school and one they really like.

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