Binky Bill the movie

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For those not familiar with Blinky Bill, Blinky Bill is a character created by Dorothy Wall for a children's book series. Blinky Bill is a koala living in Australia. He sets out on an adventure to find his Dad but it is not as straight forward as it may seem. There is plenty of adventure and twist and turns along the way.

The girls and I settled down to watch Blinky Bill the movie as we had kindly been sent a screening link, unfortunately for us the link stopped working half way through the film and then would only work intermittently which means we have seen the whole film but in random pieces. The parts of the film we did see we really enjoyed, and the girls got really engrossed with the movie. I think though we will be visiting the cinema upon its release on August 19th  to watch it in full, and in the right order.

The film features an all star cast led by Ryan Kwanten and other stars including Barry Humphries. The girls and I are looking forward to seeing the film at the cinema and watching it in full!

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