Birthday weekend with family and friends

I can remember my final year in Infant school.  The teacher, my friends and class mates.  The school routine and layout, I remember it all.  My eldest daughter will enter her final year of Infant school this September, she has finally caught up with her friends in her class and turned 6.  Even if for only a short while, this is something she has been counting down to, to be the same age as the rest of her class.

I don't remember much before the age of six, somethings but not a lot and no where near as much detail as after six.  This makes me appreciate the fact that my eldest daughter will look back and will remember all that is to come.  It makes me nervous in some ways, not that we will do anything different but more because I can remember being her age.

She is such a determined and driven person, incredibly competitive and strong willed [ I cannot think where she gets that from!] yet at the same time she is incredibly sensitive and loving.  Her desire to learn is growing each day, and she certainly has an observer learning style.  The bond that is developing between her and her brother is so incredibly special.  The girls often get mistaken for twins which shows how close the two of them are. 

There could only be one way to celebrate her turning six and it was her request to go bowling.  In fact she has been asking all year to go bowling for her birthday.  My sister had come home for the weekend with her partner and it made her birthday even more special to have them there.  

I had made the school boy error of leaving the camera at home, and realised almost towards the end of the game that I had no photos of the day, the best I have is of my youngest.

The weekend has been filled with family and friends, and packed full of all the things my eldest daughter loves.  I am so incredibly proud of her and often pinch myself that she is mine.  I am excited to watch her grow and create more memories for her.

This day I love Birthday weekend with family and friends. 

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