A new light for the office

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There is a corner of my office which I just feel is unloved and a little wasted. I have thought for a long time that a floor lamp would look great but have never managed to find one that I liked. With this my office and only a small space I also lack in storage in the room and so have also thought about putting a shelving system here.

I stumbled across a light on value lights that combines both storage and a floor lamp. The lamp is available i several colours but a I chose oak to match the rest of the room. There is some assembly required but it is quick and simple to do.

The lamp has a fabric shade and a vintage feel to it, but it fits perfectly in my office. The shelves are great for storing small items, I would be wary of putting anything heavy on them, but this is mainly due to the space available.

Using the corner in this way has given my office a new look and feel, and it feels much brighter. I feel that I have made the best use of the space available and given a great use to an otherwise unused space.

All words are my own opinion 

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