Introducing Teddy

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We all have felt uncomfortable with ourselves at some point. It can be something with our body, the clothes we are wearing or just a general feeling of uncomfortable. When a child experiences these emotions they may struggle to understand them and struggle to find a way to portray them. Children can often relate to stories they have read and often by reading these stories they feel less taboo, and children can feel more open and willing to talk.

Introducing teddy by Jessica Walton is a book about being yourself. Erol has a best friend who is Thomas the teddy bear. They do everything together and each day is a new adventure and new fun to be had. One day Thomas is sad and it takes him some time to tell zeros why. Thomas has always felt in his heart he is a girl teddy and not a boy teddy and is worried how this will affect his friendship with Erol. Erol acts as any good friend would and says to him it does not matter, all that matters is they are friends.

I love that this story touches on such delicate issues, yet one which is very important in today's society. It is done in such a beautiful manner and it really highlights the true meaning of friendship. The story is a wonderful book to read and one which helps to open up the doors to taking about problems, enabling children to be themselves.

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