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You may have seen on social media my monthly posts with the hashtag #parentingthevitalway. These images are part of a campaign I am delighted to be a part of with Vital baby. Vital baby make a huge range of baby products, and now we are entering the wearing phase with little man are looking forward to testing more of the range.

Our first item we were sent was a bottle of sterilising water. This for me is now a must have item. The water is sprayed onto the surface to clean and sterilise and then can be used straight away, no need to wash or clean after. The spray is safe to drink, should the girls ever get hold of it, and is safe from newborn.

I simply love this sterilising water. When little man drops his dummy, we wash and then spray meaning he can have his dummy and I don't need to carry spares. If he drops his bottle I can spray it first to re sterilise and I can also spray his teether toys or any surface when we are out. It is such a fantastic item to have and is one of my must haves.

We have also been sent a cup for little man. The cup features a valve which can be removed meaning it can be free flowing or spill proof. Little man is taking some practise to use a cup, but it's small size and rubber grips make it perfect for little hands.

I am looking forward to the next 12 months with vital baby, make sure you are following me on Instagram to hear about all the other amazing products as I receive them.

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