The wild side

A Zebra grazes on the short green grass, blissfully unaware of the danger it is in

The Lion teaches his young cub the art of pouncing, hiding in the tall grass waiting the perfect moment

The Lion stays down, keeping well hidden in the tall grass

It all becomes too much for the monkey who can no longer watch

Meanwhile down at the watering hole, things are beginning to take shape

The animals line up ready to enter their new home

The girls begin to reenact scenes from 'Lion King' and 'Lion guard'

Making up songs and using their imagination to continue the stories they know so well

Each animal has a place to hide

A place to stand and watch

There is something amazing watching the girls imagination come to life.  Each one interacting with their sister as their stories unfolded and intertwined with each other.  Creating characters based on well known films and TV shows, or inventing their own it was a sheer delight to watch.

It is safe to say the girls have had some Big adventures with the Big Adventure at the Watering Hole playset from Schleich.

All words are my own opinion, this item was sent in exchange for this post. 

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